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Foo Fighters Reveal Name Of Their Debut Christian Gospel Album

Foo FIghters Reveal Name Of Their Christian Gospel Album

Foo FIghters Reveal Name Of Their Christian Gospel Album

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- Rock mega-band Foo Fighters announced today that the name of their debut Christian Gospel album will be titled “The Light In His Eyes” and will be released around Christmas 2015.

“We’re totally excited to embark upon this new endeavor,” said Foo Fighters lead man Dave Grohl. “We think our fans are going to love our new album. We’ve been writing songs and recording like mad men and I think our combined efforts will really be appreciated.”

Several post production issues have pushed the release date back by some six to eight months, prompting the band to tell their fans to be patient.

“We’ve had a huge outpouring of support and anxiousness connected to this new project and unfortunately the problems we’ve encountered have made it nearly impossible to stay on track in regards to an early release,” said Grohl during a recently published Rolling Stone interview. “Regardless, if you’re a true Foo fan then we believe your patience will be richly rewarded.”

Today’s announcement also included information on the number of songs the Christian Gospel album will contain.

“We’ve had to cut a few songs- some at the last minute- but we, as a group, felt we’ve picked the best thirteen songs to encapsulate our joint feelings of our faith in Him,” said Grohl.

Legendary music producer Butch Vig oversaw the creation of the album from start to finish, according to the former Nirvana drummer.

“Butch is a consumate professional and we love him like a brother,” said Grohl. “He’s really like a band member and we’d like to thank him for all his hard work on this new album.”



Foo Fighters Finish Writing Songs For Their Debut Christian Gospel Album

Foo FIghters have finished writing songs for new album

Foo FIghters have finished writing songs for new album

**Breaking News- Foo Fighters have revealed the title of their debut Christian Gospel Album. Please check out our new article for updated info.** http://inothernewz.com/foo-fighters-reveal-name-debut-christian-gospel-album/

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- The rock supergroup Foo Fighters have finished writing songs for their debut Christian Gospel album due out in 2015, according to lead singer Dave Grohl. The band has been making waves across the internet ever since announcing their intentions of switching music genres and heading into uncharted territory.

“We know it’s a bold move but we also realize, as a band, as a whole, that what we’re doing is right,” said Grohl, during a telephone interview with Inothernewz.com this morning. “We’ve been working on our new rock album due out this year and alternately writing songs for the Christian Gospel album too. The next two years are going to be very busy for us, man.”

Grohl did not mention if the new Christian Gospel album had been named yet but did intimate the group had an idea of what they wanted to christen the project.

“We’ve been tossing around some names for the album for a while,” he said. “There are a few titles we’re seriously considering and I think we’ll eventually have a group sit down and hash the title out. Regardless, we’re pretty stoked for the new direction our band is going.”

Foo Fighters made international headlines back in November of 2013 then Grohl announced the band would be releasing a Christian Gospel album sometime in 2015. Fans of the group had questioned whether or not the switch from mainstream to niche was a good idea for the Grammy-winning quartet.

Several petitions have also burgeoned on the internet begging Grohl and crew to rethink their move to Christian Gospel. Grohl said he understood their fans love their music and that he believed they would warm up to the new sound as well.

“Change sucks, I get that, man,” he said. “But we’re pretty committed to evolving as a band and this is our next step down that path. I honestly believe once a couple of singles are released and everyone has a chance to listen to our new sound on the radio, we’ll be embraced by everyone. It’s all good.”

Grohl went on to say the new album will be produced by Butch Vig, a famous name in and around music circles who has collaborated with the band on previous albums. It will also feature twelve songs and will be released sometime in 2015 by their current label, RCA.



Dave Grohl Confirms Foo Fighters Set To Become Christian Gospel Band In 2015

The new face of Christian Gospel.

**Breaking news: Dave Grohl says the band has finished writing all songs for the new Christian Gospel album due out in 2015. Please check out the article here: http://inothernewz.com/foo-fighters-finish-writing-songs-debut-christian-gospel-album/

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- Inothernewz.com was recently invited to the home of Dave Grohl, the frontman for rock supergroup Foo FIghters, for an exclusive one-on-one interview regarding the future of the band. The following is an excerpt of the interview transcript which took place on November 21, 2013.

Inothernewz (ION): Thank you for having us at your beautiful home, Dave. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Dave Grohl (DG): Thanks for flying out to see me. It’s great to have you here and happy holidays to you and all your loyal readers.

ION: Let’s get right to it, shall we? Recently there have been numerous rumors swirling that Foo Fighters are considering a change in genre, that perhaps you and your bandmates are thinking about transforming the band entirely. Any truth to that?

DG (laughs): Yes, there is some truth to that.

ION: Care to elaborate?

DG: Well, as many of our diehard fans know we’ve recently taken a short hiatus from touring, following our last album, Wasting Light. Me and the boys had a sit down a while ago and we had a hashing out of sorts. We realized that we’re on top right now, that there really isn’t anything left for us to achieve in the rock genre anymore. We are who we are because of rock and roll. We thought maybe it was time to move onto another area, to see if we could make it as a band in some other music realm.

ION: And what did the band ultimately decide, Dave?

DG: We decided that we’d start writing another rock album, our last, and then move on to Christian Gospel.

ION: Christian Gospel? I just want to reiterate to our readers and to the millions of Foo FIghters fans across the globe that you’re serious about this.

DG: Oh yeah, we’re definitely serious about all of it. After our eighth album comes out and we tour some, we plan to start writing a Christian Gospel album and support it with a worldwide tour. We anticipate all of that happening sometime in 2015.

ION: Obviously, this will come as a huge shock to all your mainstream fans. Why hasn’t there been any official announcements on your Twitter account?

DG (laughs): Ah, gotta love the power of Twitter. Well, to be perfectly honest, we’re playing a couple of shows in Mexico City in early December, as you may know. We were planning on making an official announcement sometime after that, even before our last rock album comes out. We have an internal timeline, me and the guys.

ION: All the band members are fully on board with this move to Christian Gospel? Are they all religious?

DG: Yes and yes. We’re in this one hundred percent, all of us. Not a lot of people know just how religious we are. I go to church here in Southern California every Sunday that we’re not on tour. I play Christian Gospel at home, to the kids. It soothes them.

ION: What do you say to all your non-Christian fans who may be turned off by your decision to become a Christian Gospel band?

DG: Our fans are some of the most loyal in the world, man. They come to our shows and rock out like the crazy bunch of bastards they are. I love our fans. We know they’ll support us no matter what. And even if they don’t, we still love them.

ION: Is there anything else you’d like to tell the millions of fans who love Foo Fighters?

DG: Just that we truly love and thank you all for the support you’ve shown us through the years. It’s because of all of our fans that we’ve made it to the top and have the courage and stability to try something  new with our lives and our band. I’m speaking for the band when I say I hope to see you all at our concerts in the future. God Bless.



Foo Fighters To Become Christian Gospel Band

These guys love Jesus!


***Breaking News: For an update to this article please see our one on one interview with Dave Grohl here: http://inothernewz.com/dave-grohl-confirms-foo-fighters-set-become-christian-gospel-band-2015/ 

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON- Rock supergroup Foo Fighters announced today that they plan on becoming a Christian Gospel group sometime this summer. The announcement came as a complete shock to the music industry as the Foo Fighters were known for some of the most successful rock songs and highest grossing tours in recent memory.

“Rock music will always be our foundation but it was time for a major change,” said frontman Dave Grohl. “We all decided it was time to take Foo Fighters to the next level and we chose Christian Gospel because we think there’s a profound message in this particular genre.”

Grohl said the band plans to release its first major Christian Gospel themed record sometime during late summer. The group of talented musicians are hard at work in the studio writing and recording songs, according to the former Nirvana drummer.

“We’re working our butts off to make this thing happen, to make it a raging success for our fans. We believe in Jesus and He believes in us. Our new album is going to make a huge impact on society as a whole. It might even change the world for the better.”

Many music insiders think the move to Christian Gospel will alienate the plethora of Foo Fighters fans across the globe, leading to plummeting record sales.

“This is suicide,” said Steven Hines, a major producer in the music world. “They can kiss their band goodbye. This must be a plot hatched by the Devil himself.”

Grohl, however, believes just the opposite. “The move to Christian Gospel represents the growth of our group as a unit. Sure, we’ve made millions of dollars singing rock songs and touring the entire planet. That’s great but where’s the deeper message in all of that? See what I’m saying?”

“I think it’s a fantastic thing they’re doing,” said Pope Benedict XVI, during his weekly chat with paparazzi at the Vatican. “I’ve always been a huge Foo Fighters fan and their commitment to their Christian faith will reward them with even greater success.”

Many fans Inothernewz.com spoke to seemed dumbfounded by the switch.

“My beloved Foo FIghters are doing what?” asked a befuddled Greg Berkowitz, 20, of Newark, New Jersey. “But I’m Jewish!”

“I’ve been a Foo Fighters fan my entire life but this is just madness,” said Catherine Spiegel, 28, of Helena, Montana. “They’re breaking my heart!”

Grohl was quick to point out that the group would still be rocking hard and touring all over the world, but with a different message.

“We want all of our fans to know that Jesus is your friend and the Foo Fighters are His messenger,” he said. “Put on your crucifix and come out to our future shows!”

The band released the title of their new album entitled Echoes, Silence, Patience and Jesus via their website, along with a track list.

1. In His Honor

2. Jesus Used My Monkey Wrench

3. Long Road To Jesus

4. Learn To Fly With Angels

5. Best Of You, My Savior

6. All My Life I’ve Been Searching For Jesus

7. The Pretender Shall Burn

8. There Goes My Hero Jesus

The album will be available for purchase at all retail outlets and is expected to do quite well come Grammy season, according to Grohl.