Nippon TV Reports Downed UFO Off The Coast Of Okinawa

Nippon TV reports of a crashed UFO.

TOKYO, JAPAN- Mark your calendars, folks. The thing we thought most impossible has just happened.

Nippon Television reported today that an Unidentified Flying Object, a UFO, went down off the coast of Okinawa, an island at the southern tip of Japan. Several news crews, along with police and emergency vehicles, rushed to the scene just in time to see the UFO sink into the water, according to multiple sources.

“We saw something like a small vessel with a dome slowly submerge into the water as we arrived at the scene,” said Okinawa Prefecture Police Chief Hideki Suzuki. “We clearly saw smoke rising from it as it went down. There was a tremendous amount of steam generated as it disappeared into the depths of the ocean. We anticipate investigating the vessel as soon as we get the equipment we need to raise it from the water.”

Several eyewitnesses recounted what they saw. According to Nippon Television, an elderly man fishing off the coast in a small boat said he saw a giant fireball racing from the heavens at a very fast speed. The object streaked across the sky, smashed into the water and then came back up in one piece. The elderly man says he thought he heard the distant sound of motors trying to restart just a few minutes before the unknown object started to smoke.

A team of scientists have also been dispatched from Tokyo to investigate the UFO as soon as the proper authorities lift the submerged vessel out of the water.

“This could be one of mankind’s greatest discoveries,” said Dr. Daisuke Matsui, a professor of aeronautical engineering at Tokyo University. “If this is what we believe it to be then this will be talked about by our children’s children. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it’s the real thing.”

Nippon Television interviewed an unnamed boy who saw the UFO crash into the water.

“It was like in the movies,” said the boy. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was an airplane crashing into the water but it didn’t look like a normal plane. It was round on top and looked all metallic. It was very shiny and gave off red and green lights. I ran home as soon as it smashed into the water.”

According to Nippon Television, the Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda, has already been notified of the crash landing and is awaiting word from authorities about the events on Okinawa.

The Japanese Navy has already cordoned off the immediate vicinity of the crash and is preparing to send divers into the water to get a glimpse of the vessel and take photos for salvaging purposes. No doubt, the Navy will be heavily involved in bringing the UFO up from the depths of the ocean.

For a photo of the downed UFO released by the Japanese Navy please click the following link:

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