Foo Fighters To Become Christian Gospel Band

These guys love Jesus!


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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON- Rock supergroup Foo Fighters announced today that they plan on becoming a Christian Gospel group sometime this summer. The announcement came as a complete shock to the music industry as the Foo Fighters were known for some of the most successful rock songs and highest grossing tours in recent memory.

“Rock music will always be our foundation but it was time for a major change,” said frontman Dave Grohl. “We all decided it was time to take Foo Fighters to the next level and we chose Christian Gospel because we think there’s a profound message in this particular genre.”

Grohl said the band plans to release its first major Christian Gospel themed record sometime during late summer. The group of talented musicians are hard at work in the studio writing and recording songs, according to the former Nirvana drummer.

“We’re working our butts off to make this thing happen, to make it a raging success for our fans. We believe in Jesus and He believes in us. Our new album is going to make a huge impact on society as a whole. It might even change the world for the better.”

Many music insiders think the move to Christian Gospel will alienate the plethora of Foo Fighters fans across the globe, leading to plummeting record sales.

“This is suicide,” said Steven Hines, a major producer in the music world. “They can kiss their band goodbye. This must be a plot hatched by the Devil himself.”

Grohl, however, believes just the opposite. “The move to Christian Gospel represents the growth of our group as a unit. Sure, we’ve made millions of dollars singing rock songs and touring the entire planet. That’s great but where’s the deeper message in all of that? See what I’m saying?”

“I think it’s a fantastic thing they’re doing,” said Pope Benedict XVI, during his weekly chat with paparazzi at the Vatican. “I’ve always been a huge Foo Fighters fan and their commitment to their Christian faith will reward them with even greater success.”

Many fans spoke to seemed dumbfounded by the switch.

“My beloved Foo FIghters are doing what?” asked a befuddled Greg Berkowitz, 20, of Newark, New Jersey. “But I’m Jewish!”

“I’ve been a Foo Fighters fan my entire life but this is just madness,” said Catherine Spiegel, 28, of Helena, Montana. “They’re breaking my heart!”

Grohl was quick to point out that the group would still be rocking hard and touring all over the world, but with a different message.

“We want all of our fans to know that Jesus is your friend and the Foo Fighters are His messenger,” he said. “Put on your crucifix and come out to our future shows!”

The band released the title of their new album entitled Echoes, Silence, Patience and Jesus via their website, along with a track list.

1. In His Honor

2. Jesus Used My Monkey Wrench

3. Long Road To Jesus

4. Learn To Fly With Angels

5. Best Of You, My Savior

6. All My Life I’ve Been Searching For Jesus

7. The Pretender Shall Burn

8. There Goes My Hero Jesus

The album will be available for purchase at all retail outlets and is expected to do quite well come Grammy season, according to Grohl.