Archeologists Unearth Ancient Mayan Tablet Predicting The End Of The World

The Mayan clay tablet discovered by archeologists holds the key to the end of the world

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO- In one of the most stunning revelations in modern history, archeologists from the University of Arizona working in conjunction with Mexican authorities have unearthed and deciphered an ancient Mayan tablet predicting the end of the world. The mind-boggling find is said to be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of archeology, along with Howard Carter’s world-renowned discovery of King Tut’s tomb in Egypt in 1922.

“This great ancient treasure validates our efforts as a team,” said Professor Arnold Zing, head of the team of archeologists from the University of Arizona responsible for the find. “Our students and faculty members have spent countless hours digging at the site and we have finally discovered something that will be talked about by our children’s children.”

According to Zing, who spent an hour talking to a group of international reporters in Mexico City, the tablet is around 2,000 years old and was unearthed at an undisclosed location in September. The tablet, which is broken up into four pieces, is still missing two key pieces which have still not been found.

“We were unable to locate the final pieces of the tablet,” Zing said, while photographers snapped pictures of the clay relic. “We were, however, able to determine the language on the tablet as Tektitek, which is a member of the Quichean–Mamean branch of the Mayan language family. Luckily, our team has one of the world’s leading experts on the Tektitek language and we were able to decipher the tablet in a matter of weeks. Optimally, we would have liked a full translation on a complete tablet but that wasn’t the case here.”

Mexican authorities are securing the tablet and claim ownership as it was found on Mexican lands. The government has yet to issue a statement on what they plan to do with the item. Some speculation leads to placement in a prominent museum for future preservation once all scholarly research and translation have been completed.

In what amounted to be a terrifying revelation, Zing told reporters the tablet held stark clues as to when the ancient Mayans believed to be the end of the world. Zing pleaded with the world’s public not to jump to conclusions regarding the ancient text’s ominous warnings.

“We believe the text is genuine but that doesn’t mean the end of the world will occur this month,” he stressed. “I want to make that known first and foremost.”

“We think the tablet was written by Mayan priest scholars during a high period of enlightenment,” he told reporters. “The writing is clear, concise and quite learned.”

Reporters asked the professor if he would divulge any of the translations regarding the purported end of the world.

“I don’t want to get into specifics on this topic,” he said. “There are some disturbing references to the end of the world in the text. Some include balls of fire raining down from the heavens and a few references to the ground shaking like thunder during the final moments of man. Again, I will refrain from further comments as we don’t believe any of this will come to pass, obviously. Let’s not jump to any conclusions, please. I only ask that you report on this tablet by only using facts.”

A reporter then asked if the tablet contained an exact date for the end of the world.

“Yes, it did,” said the professor, rather reluctantly. “I will not, however, divulge the date. Again, this information might lead to unpleasant occurrences throughout the planet. We want to avoid that.”

The mystery continues.

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