Foo Fighters Finish Writing Songs For Their Debut Christian Gospel Album

Foo FIghters have finished writing songs for new album

Foo FIghters have finished writing songs for new album

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- The rock supergroup Foo Fighters have finished writing songs for their debut Christian Gospel album due out in 2015, according to lead singer Dave Grohl. The band has been making waves across the internet ever since announcing their intentions of switching music genres and heading into uncharted territory.

“We know it’s a bold move but we also realize, as a band, as a whole, that what we’re doing is right,” said Grohl, during a telephone interview with this morning. “We’ve been working on our new rock album due out this year and alternately writing songs for the Christian Gospel album too. The next two years are going to be very busy for us, man.”

Grohl did not mention if the new Christian Gospel album had been named yet but did intimate the group had an idea of what they wanted to christen the project.

“We’ve been tossing around some names for the album for a while,” he said. “There are a few titles we’re seriously considering and I think we’ll eventually have a group sit down and hash the title out. Regardless, we’re pretty stoked for the new direction our band is going.”

Foo Fighters made international headlines back in November of 2013 then Grohl announced the band would be releasing a Christian Gospel album sometime in 2015. Fans of the group had questioned whether or not the switch from mainstream to niche was a good idea for the Grammy-winning quartet.

Several petitions have also burgeoned on the internet begging Grohl and crew to rethink their move to Christian Gospel. Grohl said he understood their fans love their music and that he believed they would warm up to the new sound as well.

“Change sucks, I get that, man,” he said. “But we’re pretty committed to evolving as a band and this is our next step down that path. I honestly believe once a couple of singles are released and everyone has a chance to listen to our new sound on the radio, we’ll be embraced by everyone. It’s all good.”

Grohl went on to say the new album will be produced by Butch Vig, a famous name in and around music circles who has collaborated with the band on previous albums. It will also feature twelve songs and will be released sometime in 2015 by their current label, RCA.



Source: Bruce Jenner Seriously Contemplating Sex Change Surgery

Bruce Jenner wants to become a woman

Bruce Jenner wants to become a woman

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- A source close to the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star confirmed today that Bruce Jenner is very serious about undergoing sex reassignment surgery in order to become a woman. The 1976 olympic gold medalist has recently been in the news regarding his strange appearance, some questioning whether there was something wrong with Jenner’s mentality.

“Bruce has always been obsessed with his looks, he’s always stressed over the way he appears in public,” said the source, who is very close friends with Jenner. “He has a feminine side to him that the cameras don’t know about. He’s been contemplating this change for a while.”

So what exactly put Jenner over the edge?

“Oh, that’s simple,” said the source, who wanted to remain nameless for this article due to the sensitive private nature of the matter. “When he and Kris split, he knew this was his opportunity to do what he really wanted to do. He recently had a tracheal shave -an adam’s apple reduction surgery- and he said that was the first step to the process for him.”

Jenner, 64, won the gold medal in Decathlon during the 1976 summer games in Montreal, Canada. He’s no stranger to cosmetic surgery and has admitted that he has undergone numerous procedures during the past few years.

“Plastic surgery is just one tool to make myself look better, it’s that simple, really,” he was quoted as saying during a 2009 GQ Magazine article. “It gives me confidence, that’s all.”

Bruce and Kris Jenner announced their separation in October 2013, a pivotal moment in his life that may have acted as a catalyst for this life-changing decision, according to the source.

“There were a few weeks when Bruce was downright miserable,” said the source. “We talked on the phone every other day and I could hear in his voice how determined he was to be the real person he was meant to be. I wasn’t surprised or shocked about his decision to become a woman.”

The source went on to say he was unaware of a surgery date or when the official proceedings would begin. Needless to say, Bruce Jenner is going through a mid-life crisis. We wish him the best.


Sochi Thieves Steal Team Jamaica Bobsled

With no bobsled, Jamaica can't compete

With no bobsled, Jamaica can’t compete

SOCHI, RUSSIA- Some things you just can’t make up. And one of those things is the hardship the Jamaican bobsled team has endured not only to arrive in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics but to even compete.

After struggling to raise $80,000 through crowdfunding websites and having their luggage lost en route to the Olympic games, now the two-man Jamaican bobsled team has an even bigger problem. Namely, the theft of their ride. Yes, that’s right. The team’s bobsled was stolen late last night from a secured area inside the Olympic venue. As you can imagine, security surrounding all national teams’ equipment should be high priority for Sochi, but leave it to determined thieves to undermine it.

“After what we’ve been through just to get here, this is unthinkable,” said Winston Watt, a member of the two-man team. “I don’t know what kind of person or persons would do this to us. Or to anyone for that matter.”

“It’s depressing, what else can I say,” echoed fellow Team Jamaica bobsledder Marvin Dixon, Watt’s partner. “I hope and pray the security officials will be able to locate our sled so we can compete for our nation. All we can do right now is wait for some good news.”

In a week of highly embarrassing episodes for Sochi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the theft of the Jamaican bobsled may be at the top of the list. As expected, Russian officials are mum regarding the incident and have notified Watt, Dixon and the rest of the Jamaican delegation that the theft is “being investigated thoroughly.”

The bobsleigh competition begins on February 16 at the Sliding Center Sanki so authorities have a few days to locate the sled. The Jamaicans will be allowed to borrow other teams sleds to practice while police and security forces track down the gutless thieves who committed this terrible offense.

“You hear about the terrorism risks here in Sochi and around this area but you say to yourself everyone’s protected here, they have it under control. But now I wonder if the security forces can’t keep our sled safe, can they even keep the athletes and spectators safe,” said Watt.


Jennifer Lawrence Chosen To Be New Face Of

J-Law is the new face of

J-Law is the new face of

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA- If you haven’t heard of then you aren’t alone. But that may change soon after Hollywood beauty Jennifer Lawrence was chosen to represent the new web marketplace bringing buyers and sellers of services and jobs that cost $100.

Lawrence was picked to promote the website even though several other celebrity powerhouses like Beyonce, Maria Sharapova, Kim Kardashian and Channing Tatum were all considered for the job. has learned Lawrence’s new contract begins on June 1, 2014 and will run until the following year. No preliminary details of the worth of the contract have been disclosed at this time., launched in February 2014, according to it’s site, is a minor player in the web marketplace, but they seem confident of the clientele they want to target, according to Cnoterr VP Tim Gibbons.

“We know Cnoterr is a baby right now, we need exposure and we need a beautiful and well respected young lady like Jennifer Lawrence to represent us to the world,” he said. “Our goal is to become a top web destination for people looking to make a good, honest earning online. We want to be the world’s number one marketplace for jobs and services at the one hundred dollar level.”

Lawrence will begin promoting the site via commercials and magazine ads beginning June 1, 2014. It is obvious the company hopes to increase their online presence as Lawrence’s fame continues to skyrocket in Hollywood and around the globe, further bolstering customer acquisition.

“We chose Ms. Lawrence for a wide range of reasons but her overall candor and relaxed demeanor truly grabbed us,” said Gibbons. “She’s a breath of fresh air and about as likable a person as there is. We hope all those wonderful qualities resonate with our future customer base.” reached out to Jennifer Lawrence for comment on her new role as spokeswoman for but we were told by her publicist that the Oscar-winning actress would not have any comment until her contract and legal obligations officially begin in June.

We have provided the link to Cnoterr here, for our readers.


Justin Bieber Tweets Of His Heroin Use, Then Quickly Deletes It

A snapshot of the tweet Bieber sent, then deleted seconds later

A snapshot of the tweet Bieber sent, then deleted seconds later

**BREAKING NEWS- Add another crazy twist to what has become the long road to ruin for Justin Bieber.

The 19 year old controversial music icon, who has been in the news recently for a string of bad behavior, tweeted today that he tried heroin, liked it and would try another round tomorrow and then quickly deleted the tweet some nine seconds after it was posted. was able to secure the tweet, which went out at 1:47pm EST, before it was deleted. It said, “Tried heroin today. Stuff is dope lol. Round 2 tomorrow! RIP PSH.” The last sentence, no doubt, refers to veteran Hollywood actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died of a heroin overdose in his Manhattan apartment this past Sunday.

The “Favorite Girl” crooner is no stranger with run-ins with the law, adding to his bad boy reputation, but drug use, especially dabbling in heroin, could have a much more serious impact on not only his long term health but his music career as well.

At this point in time, does not know if any other media outlets have picked up on the deleted tweet. We will have more information as it becomes available and will try to reach out to Justin Bieber and his representatives for further comment.

Please check back for further details on this breaking story.


NYPD: $3 Million Worth Of Heroin Discovered In Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Apartment

A treasure trove of heroin was found at the actor's NYC apartment

A treasure trove of heroin was found at the actor’s NYC apartment

NEW YORK, NEW YORK- The New York medical examiner’s office will conduct an autopsy Monday on actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was found dead Sunday of an apparent drug overdose inside his Greenwich Village apartment. He was 46.

The Hollywood great was found on his bathroom floor with a syringe in his left arm and bags of what is believed to be heroin with a street value of $3 million found in numerous shoeboxes scattered around the residence, according to NYPD sources.

NYPD investigators also located several empty bags branded “Ace of Hearts” — a common street name for heroin — in the apartment, sources familiar with the investigation told Also in Hoffman’s home were close to 50 envelopes, branded “Ace of Spades,” containing what is believed to be heroin.

Police detectives were able to locate 300 used syringes wrapped up and stowed away under the bathroom sink cabinet along with several other bags containing white powder which will be sent to NYPD labs for further examination to determine the substance.

Among the treasure trove of drugs found at the Oscar winner’s residence was:  Prescription drugs, including the blood-pressure medication clonidine hydrochloride; the addiction-treatment drug buprenorphine; Vyvanse, a drug used to treat attention-deficit (hyperactivity) disorder; hydroxyzine, which can be used to treat anxiety; and methocarbamol, a muscle relaxer. Authorities are investigating whether Hoffman had prescriptions for these drugs, the sources said.

Several people spoke to on the streets of New York were saddened by the actor’s sudden death.

“He was one of my favorite’s, you know? Just a regular type of guy like me. I’ll miss him,” said John Winthrop, 49, of Greenwich Village.

“I’ll always remember his basketball scene in ‘Along Came Polly’” said Diana Carrington, 29, of Tribeca. “It always made me laugh, that scene.”

“I’m truly heartbroken by his death, especially under the terrible circumstances,” said Brian Kenny, 38, of Chelsea. “So much wasted talent. He could have easily been one of the greatest actors of his generation.”

There is no word on when Hoffman’s funeral will be but needless to say, he will be missed by Hollywood and the legions of fans that admired his work on the silver screen.

He is survived by three children and his longtime partner, Mimi O’Donnell.



Turkish Government Official Confirms UFOs Over Istanbul

Picture of the Istanbul UFOs taken by Mr. Ozcan

Picture of the Istanbul UFOs taken by Mr. Ozcan

Istanbul, Turkey- A senior government official has confirmed that a cluster of unidentified flying objects were spotted over the clear winter skies of Istanbul on January 31, 2014. The official, who desired to remain anonymous because of the sensitivity of the matter, came forward after an image of the UFO cluster was forwarded to a government agency just yesterday. is the first Western media outlet to break this story.

“I can confirm there was substantial UFO activity over Istanbul on the night of January 31,” said the government official. “We are currently investigating the origination of the flying objects but there is strong preliminary indication that the objects may have been extraterrestrial. We surmise this due to the fact that there were no commercial or private aircraft in the vicinity of Istanbul at that hour of night.”

Istanbul is one of the most congested urban areas of the world with an estimated population just under fourteen million people. The alleged UFO sighting occurred during the morning hours around 3 am. A man by the name of Ali Ozcan is the only person to have taken a picture of the cluster of UFOs using his smartphone. spoke to Mr. Ozcan before breaking this story.

“I was heading home from work at the restaurant when I saw something overhead,” he said. “It was very bright, very prominent in the sky. I was not sure what it was, I mean, of course one thinks it’s a UFO or something out of the ordinary at first, but I honestly had no idea what it could have been. I quickly snapped a picture with my iPhone just before the flying objects disappeared. It couldn’t have been more than a matter of seconds, really.”

“Nothing like this has ever happened to me so it’s really exciting that I was the only person to have photographed the objects,” he said. “I hope your news outlet and the Turkish government can shed some light on these objects.” has also learned through the government official interviewed for this article that several leading Turkish scientists have been called to Istanbul to analyze the photo. There is no word yet if the Turkish government plans to release the image or news of this UFO event to the general public.

“We have not made a decision about releasing any data to the populace at this early junction of our investigation,” said the Turkish government official. “We will make any and all important decisions as we gather further information. It is our goal to keep our citizens safe at all costs and that’s what we plan to do.”

Mr. Ozcan, however, believes the UFOs over Istanbul should be made public. “I was the one that send the photo to the proper government agency. Therefore I believe the government has a duty to inform everyone of what it was that appeared over the skies of our city. We have a right to know and I have full faith my government will disclose everything shortly.” will publish more news as it becomes available.


Vladimir Putin Admits To Watching Gay Porn During BBC Interview

Putin admits to shocking revelation

Putin admits to shocking revelation

SOCHI, RUSSIA- Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has spent recent months condemning the gay and lesbian community in his native Russia, admitted today in most shocking and earnest fashion to British Broadcasting Corporation News (BBC) that he has watched gay porn “many years ago as a young man.” The explosive admission took place during a routine interview regarding stringent security measures taken by Russian forces for the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi.

The explosive interview is set to air on the eve of the Olympics and will no doubt garner worldwide media scrutiny. The following is an excerpt of the interview was able to acquire through sources within the BBC.

BBC: The world will have their eyes on Sochi in a few weeks. We’ve heard security measures will be unprecedented. Can you unconditionally guarantee the safety of tourists and athletes in and around Sochi, Mr. President?

Putin: Yes, we’re very confident our security measures are and will be impregnable during the games at Sochi. We’ve trained thousands of officers in various anti-terrorism techniques and will employ numerous bomb sniffing canines as well. Rest assured, everyone will be safe in Sochi.

BBC: Even gays and lesbians?

Putin (smirks): This is an unrelated question but yes, even they will be unharmed during the Olympics. We have nothing against their community and there are no laws prohibiting their existence, do you understand?

BBC: Mr. President, is it true you have watched films depicting gay men engaging in sexual intercourse? We have it on credible knowledge by an associate of yours that you have, sir.

Putin (pauses): A silly question. Please move on.

BBC: Mr. President, please answer the question.

Putin (visibly exasperated): That was many years ago and I was a young man. Move on or this interview will be terminated.

What this stunning admission means for the 61 year old leader of Russia will not be known until the full interview is aired but many pundits are already calling Putin a hypocrite.

“It’s inconceivable this man, this icon of modern day Russia, who has waged war against the gay and lesbian community has admitted to something so shameful,” said Igor Baytanov, head of the Russian Socialist Coalition, a group based in Moscow. “What is this but a hypocritical comment?”

“This statement by our leader will do nothing but embolden the gays in our homeland,” said Maxsim Chechkin, CEO of Russian Federation Oil Services and a leading supporter of Putin’s campaign for reelection in 2012. “It’s disgraceful and I believe the backlash will be tremendous within our political system.” reached out to Mr. Putin’s office but we were told he will not have any further comment on the subject.


Metallica In Preliminary Talks With NASA For Historic Rock Concert From The Moon

Metallica wants to play a concert from the moon

Metallica wants to play a concert from the moon

WASHINGTON, D.C.- If you’re one of the millions of Metallica fans from around the world, then you already know the rock supergroup is out of this world. But now, Metallica wants to prove just how awesome they truly are.

On the heels of their monumental rock concert from Antarctica, the legendary band that has now played on all seven continents has expressed their desire to play a gig from the moon. Yes, you read that right, from the moon!

All four members of Metallica today descended upon the headquarters of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Washington, D.C. in order to discuss the feasibility of traveling to the moon for a historic rock concert. NASA officials had extended an invitation to the group after their management contacted the space agency in order to explore the possibility of such a feat.

Lead singer James Hetfield has always had a desire to perform somewhere where no other band has ever stepped foot. He recently indicated this to Rolling Stone Magazine when he said, “Yeah, man, every legendary band has played all across the world. After our Antarctica show we’ll need new stomping grounds. We gotta one-up ourselves. I’m sure we’ll come up with something pretty fucking awesome.”

On December 8, 2013, Metallica played for a limited group of fans under a dome in Antarctica, the show entitled, “Freeze ‘Em All.” The performance was filmed and released as a live album days later. The same strategy, arguably, would also be used for the historic lunar gig, if it ever comes to fruition.

As these are still preliminary meet-and-greet talks between Metallica and NASA, there is no indication as to who would split the massive bill to send the group and their crew up into space. How the mission would be accomplished is still another mystery at this point with both sides needing to iron out the complex details.

Diehard Metallica fans spoke to for this article expressed unbridled support for their beloved band.

“I’d give my left arm to be apart of something that historic, like, if they were asking some fans to join them on the moon, it would be amazing for sure,” said Sandy Hilkins, 37, of Eureka, California.

“If anybody can pull this off, it’s Metallica,” said Brett Ander, 23, of Jackson, Mississippi. “They’re one of the biggest bands in the world and have the clout to pull something like this off. I wish them well.”

“I was hooked on Metallica ever since The Black Album came out,” said Davis Reed, 41, of Riverhead, New York. “I can’t even express how excited I’d be for them to travel to the moon for a rock show. Truly amazing.” contacted NASA for an official statement regarding the meeting with Metallica.

“NASA will be meeting with the four members of rock group Metallica along with their representatives at our Washington, D.C. headquarters,” said Roger Smith, NASA’s media liaison. “At this point in time we anticipate both sides to engage in exploratory talks. Nothing more.”

An official announcement from Metallica regarding the trip to NASA headquarters and their planned gig on the moon should be coming soon.


Source: NFL Might Move Super Bowl To China for 2017 Game

Beijing to host the 2017 Super Bowl

Beijing to host the 2017 Super Bowl

NEW YORK, NEW YORK- The rumors you’ve been hearing about a potential move to host a Super Bowl in China are true. A source within the National Football League has confirmed that the multi-billion dollar league is “in the final stages” of approving a deal with the Chinese government to hold the 2017 championship game in Beijing, the capital city.

The source, who has detailed knowledge of the negotiations between the two parties declined to be named for this interview but spoke at length about the deal.

“In exchange for moving the Super Bowl to Beijing in 2017, the NFL will secure a monetary package deal worth in excess of one billion U.S. dollars from the Chinese government,” said the source. “It’s no big secret the league wants to branch out to foreign markets as it has in scheduling games in London. This China deal is by far the biggest step to date.”

The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event of the year and draws record ticket prices amongst diehard fans who travel around the country in support of their beloved team. How would the move to China affect the fans of the two teams who make it to the title game?

“Obviously, it would be a pain to travel to China to see the Super Bowl in 2017,” said the source. “But the league believes the Chinese market is ready to absorb the potential loss of American fans. Beijing is a hugely populated metropolis of twenty million citizens. Filling up a sixty thousand seat stadium shouldn’t be a problem, especially with the aura of the Super Bowl surrounding the event.” reached out to league offices in Manhattan for comment. We were told by a representative that the league does not offer comment on any potential deals until fully consummated.

Fans on the streets of New York, however, weren’t thrilled with the news of the impending move overseas.

“Why would we even contemplate letting China host the biggest American sporting event of the year?” asked Steven Weiss, 39, of Chelsea, a diehard NY Jets fan. “It’s absolutely wrong and smells of greed.”

“We ship our jobs to China so why not the Super Bowl, right?” said Kathleen Burke, 28, of Greenwich Village, a NY Giants fan. “I strongly disagree with what the league is intending to do.”

“I think greed is taking over this league and this trend doesn’t bode well for us fans,” said Donald Canterson, 53, of Harlem, a Baltimore Ravens fan. “Football used to be our national pastime but now it’s just a machine that churns out money for fat cat owners.”

The source also confirmed a high ranking NFL official with close ties to Commissioner Roger Goodell will be en route to Beijing sometime in late January to iron out the details of the deal. An announcement is expected to be made right after this year’s Super Bowl, which is slated to take place on February 2nd at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

We will have more information as it becomes available.


Bryan Cranston In Negotiations To Join Cast Of The Walking Dead

Cranston to join The Walking Dead?

Cranston to join The Walking Dead?

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA- Is this a marriage made in TV heaven?

Bryan Cranston, better known to his fans as Walter White from the critically acclaimed AMC series “Breaking Bad”, is in negotiations to join the cast of the hit TV show “The Walking Dead”, another popular program on the network. The two sides are still hashing out the details of the possible merger and there is still no time frame as to when Cranston’s character would make his series debut. reached out to “The Walking Dead” developer Frank Darabont for comment regarding the possibility of Cranston joining the zombie themed ratings behemoth.

“We’re in early talks with Bryan regarding a featured role on ‘The Walking Dead,’” said Darabont. “Bryan is one of the best actors of his generation, at the pinnacle of his career. His possible participation would be a great boon for the show. That’s all I can comment at this time pending our negotiations.”

Cranston, who is only one of two actors ever to win three consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, is coming off a massive high from the conclusion of “Breaking Bad.” Cranston played chemistry teacher turned meth king pin Walter White, an intensely demanding role for which he was universally lauded by numerous critics.

“The Walking Dead” is currently in mid-season hiatus after coming off an impressive eight episode ratings sweep. The blockbuster program is scheduled to resume their fourth season on February 9, 2014. Many fans are already speculating on when Cranston would make his appearance.

“I hope we get to see him before they finish season four,” said Catherine Mahoney, 33, of Rochester, Minnesota. “I’m such a huge fan of the show and the thought of Bryan Cranston joining the cast is mind-blowing.”

“I think we’ll see him in season five,” said Luke Hawair, 20, of Orono, Maine. “I just wish he’d be a good character, not like The Governor. But we’ll see.”

“Move over Rick Grimes, here comes Walter White!” said Seth Rogers, 39, of Wilmington, Delaware. “The show’s already a huge ratings monster so hopefully they keep it going by adding Bryan’s character this upcoming season.” briefly spoke to Cranston’s management team earlier today. We were told the 57 year-old California native is ready for a fresh start and very excited about all future projects after the conclusion of “Breaking Bad.” They would not, however, comment on his current negotiations to join “The Walking Dead.”

Please check back for further updates as they become available.


Source: Osama Bin Laden’s Nephew Has Been Working For The U.S. Department Of Defense For Six Months

Bin Laden's nephew works at the Pentagon

Bin Laden’s nephew works at the Pentagon

WASHINGTON, D.C.- A senior level source from within the United States Department of Defense has confirmed that 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden’s nephew has been working at the Pentagon for the past six months and has access to secret military documents including weapons systems that are currently being developed by the U.S. military and numerous private contractors hired by the DoD.

The whistleblower, who agreed to speak with only on the condition of his anonymity, says Bin Laden’s nephew, Ali Abdul Bin Laden, was originally hired in late June and was immediately assigned to be the aide of a high ranking general who he declined to name for this expose.

“Bin Laden’s working alongside a very high ranking general and his position consequently  entitles him access to crucial documents that, if passed onto the wrong hands, could have dire repercussions to the United State military,” said the source. “An enemy of the United States could easily develop the plethora of classified information into numerous weapons of mass destruction. I wanted the citizens of our nation to know what’s going on at the Department of Defense. They have a right to know who’s working for their country. Bin Laden is being paid with tax dollars just as I am.”

The source says Bin Laden was hired under an assumed identity and introduced at the DoD as Hamid Hussein. The alias however could not cover up the striking resemblance to the man who died at the hands of Navy SEALS in Pakistan on May 1, 2011.

“The resemblance was absolutely uncanny,” said the source. “It was like staring right at Osama Bin Laden’s face. You can imagine how unnerving that was for me and the other employees at the DoD. We knew right away he was not Hamid Hussein. I have top level clearance at the DoD so I accessed the files I needed in order to reveal Mr. Hussein’s real identity. I was floored when I received confirmation of who this man really was.”

When asked why the source had waited so long to reveal this information, he said, “It ate at me for a really long time, knowing Osama Bin Laden’s nephew was in the same building as me and my coworkers. It gnawed at me to the point where I couldn’t sleep for days. After a while I told my wife and we agreed it would be in the best interests of the country if I came out with this. So here I am.”

“It’s hard to trust someone when they’re so closely related to one of the most hated men in recent memory,” said the source. “My fellow coworkers and I get up every day and head to the Pentagon knowing it’s our job to help protect our nation from terror threats. Sometimes you wonder if the biggest threat is walking around in the same building.” has left numerous messages for the media relations liaison at the Department of Defense. We have yet to hear back as of this article breaking.

We will continue to update this breaking story as details become available.